Tokyo Tech
Cross-Campus Innovation Office


Cross-Campus Innovation Office: Mission, Vision and Values

Overview of Activities

Tokyo Tech's vision
for the future for
2031* and beyond:

Helping to advance culture
and the welfare of humankind

* Tokyo Tech 150th anniversary

Future of education / Future of research / Future of social and international contributions

Role and positioning of the ecosystemRole and positioning of the ecosystem

School of Science / School of Engineering / School of Materials and Chemical Technology / School of Computing / School of Life Science and Technology / School of Environment and SocietyInstitute of Innovative Research / Institute for Liberal Arts

Long-term goals: Become a world-leading science and technology university

- Uncover new possibilities in science and technology and pioneer a new era through a dialogue with society -

Three goals

  • Fostering individuals with the ability to view science and technology comprehensively and the enterprise, autonomy, and capacity to excel in the global world
  • Confidently taking on the role of a facilitator of science and technology that objectively provides knowledge to the public while co-designing a future vision with society
  • Contributing to the development of industry and the welfare of human beings by examining scientific principles and creating innovative technology while preserving the environment and promoting peace

Image of resource circulation between campuses

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